What To Look For When Hiring A Mentor

What To Look For When Hiring A Mentor

So you want to hire a coach or mentor?  Before you go investing potentially thousands of dollars, I gotta give you the real deal.

There is no doubt that you can open up your social media account and simply find a coach for literally anything these days.  Coaches ranging from dating to business, from cooking to cleaning, and confidence to spiritual awakening.  If you’re looking for it, I promise you that you can easily find it.

Being a business coach, I truly believe it is necessary to invest in a coach, whether it is a personal life coach, health coach, or a business strategist that is helping you to reach your goals.  However, in a seemingly oversaturated market how can you find the right coach for you and what you’re looking to invest in?

I have been asked this several times and my answers have been a consistent response as it holds firmly to my belief.  My hope to you is that you find exactly who and what you’re looking for when it comes to the type of investment you’re desiring.


1.) Intuition

Above anything, I cannot stress to you enough that you hold all of your answers and your own internal compass is number one.  If you don’t feel good right off of the bat or find yourself questioning something, that is your intuition.  Before you hire or invest into any guidance, growth, coaching, etc, please know that you have all you need within you.  No one holds your answers but you.  

The beauty of having a coach and mentor is that sometimes, our internal compass can get a little blocked until someone or something comes along and helps us to see a breakthrough or something within ourselves that was always there.  So again, if you feel really great about someone as a coach or mentor, trust it.  If you feel the slightest bit of discomfort or “ick”- trust that too.


2.) Alignment

Having a coach or mentor that 1000% gets you is everything.  If you do not relate or understand the way they teach or offer guidance then you’re most likely not going to get anything from their work.  You may see the same type of teachings from five different people, but one way it is presented just totally resonates with you.  Feeling that type of “Woah, she get’s me” vibe is extremely helpful when it comes to transformation.  A big key to hiring a mentor is to look at who has done or is doing what you are wanting to do!

Through the work I’ve done, I have come to terms with the fact that all people want is to know that they are not alone in their struggles and that what they are passionate about, doesn’t make them crazy.  Find someone who totally “gets” your passion and can hold space for that vision.


3.) Authenticity

When looking for an authentic coach or mentor, I recommend doing a little research.  Yes, it’s easy to show our lives in the highlight reel on social media, but I think that when it comes to investing in transformation, you should take in account that your coach should not feel, “arrived” in a sense.  We are constantly growing, evolving, learning, etc, and anyone who seems like they are already where they need to be is a huge red flag.

I’m also going to take this back to using your internal compass for authenticity.  Energy does not lie and you can sense inauthenticity a mile away.


4.) Accountability

Being held accountable and challenged by a coach or mentor is a huge piece of why coaches are so valuable to invest in.  If you are looking for accountability, look for coaches who are finding ways to keep you on track to reaching your desires.  Do they respect and value the way you uniquely need to be held accountable?  

I think that many people need that feeling of being challenged and experiencing daily growth and having someone who is going to bring that to the table for you is incredible.


5.) Energy

When searching for a coach or mentor I want you to really feel into the type of energy you are looking to invest in.  Energy does not lie and you will be so happy with a coach who holds the energy that you are looking for and are a match for!  Investing comes in 3 forms; time, energy, and money.  So essentially, you can see why energy is a huge factor in investing.

Well, there ya have it!  I wish you the best of luck while you hunt for your perfect energetic match in all of your endeavors!  Should you feel called to see if you and I are a good fit you can book a free discovery call with me here.  Best of luck!

5 “Feel Good” Ways To Grow Your Facebook Group

5 “Feel Good” Ways To Grow Your Facebook Group

Right now, you may be wondering if growing a facebook group is for you.  Maybe you’ve thought of starting one, or maybe you’ve started one and just cannot get it filled with the right vibe of people.  Either way, I’m going to help you gain some “feel good” traction and see if it’s right for you!  Facebook groups do require a lot of work and are not for everyone, but can be an incredible way to grow a loyal following.


The thing about Facebook groups that I want to fill you in on is this- “Quality Over Quantity”.  We want a huge group filled with a ton of people but the magic happens when it’s filled with YOUR people and your ideal audience.  You don’t want everyone and their sister in your group, trust me.  What you DO want is everyone who is looking for you- what you have to offer.


Here are my top 5 ways to grow your facebook group.  Now listen… these are not to necessarily grow your group by thousands overnight BUT, it will grow your group with the quality of people that are looking for you and your EXACT services.  So be patient, my dear.


First, I want to tell you that knowing your ideal audience is extremely crucial for this.  I like to do a deep meditation each day that I show up to work (aka before I take my laptop to my couch) and really dive into the mindset of my ideal client, who she is, what she does, and her pain and pleasure points.  I advise you know these things like the back of your hand.




1.) Interviewing, Guest Speakers, & Features




I have to give you my favorite one right off of the bat!  Whoo!  This is my absolute favorite way to grow my facebook group and really get an exact niche.  The strategy behind this is, to interview, feature, and allow guest speakers that already have your ideal audience.  This allows them to come into your space and in return of you featuring or interviewing them, they let their following (your ideal audience) know exactly what they are up to and where they can access their interview, speaking event, or feature.  What’s really great about this is, the expert you are having in your group will already have their “know, like, and trust” factor with their audience and following.  You see?




2.) Ladder Posts




I am a fan of ladder posts when “appropriate”.  Some groups will not allow ladder posts as they are considered self-promotion, so you have to check the rules and regulations first.  However, you can do a ladder post in groups or on pages and if you craft a really juicy post it can get a TON of action!


The key to a ladder post is to engage in the comment section so that with each comment your post gets boosted back up into the feed.  This is great for visibility so, you want to make sure that you reply to each and every comment.  Your response could look like “sending you the deets now”, providing them a direct link to your group, or even sending them a message and letting them know you messaged them.  If you leave them a smiley face- you leave a smiley face.  Engagement is key.




3.) Exclusive Events




Hosting private and exclusive events are a really exciting way to grow your group.  If you don’t already have an email list or maybe if you are simultaneously growing both, you can share your group info on your thank you or sign up page to your event!  You can be promoting your event and grow your group at the same time with little to no effort!




4.) Group Recommendations




You may or may not know of some groups that may be closing.  If you do and you’re bummed out because it’s your favorite group, you may want to get some of your favorite people from one group to yours!  You can do this by recommending your group or even having some of your most active group members recommend your group as well!


This doesn’t have to be only in light of groups closing.  You can also utilize recommendations by asking the admin of your favorite group to share your link in their group description or even pin it as a group recommendation for x amount of time!  If you do not personally know the admins you may want to treat this as a “pitch”, let them know why your group would benefit their following, and let them in on your story of why they should recommend your group!  This can be a great way to network as well as gain confidence in your pitching!




5.) Live Video Sharing




I do not need to put in this blog post that, “live video has taken over”, do I?  Ok, good.  Among many things that live video is great for, it is impeccable for visibility and growth.  Scary as shit- but effective AF.  If you happen to have a Facebook business page, this works amazingly in collaboration with the facebook groups.  Essentially, you go live on your personal or business page and bring your value-packed video content.  During your live video as you are introducing yourself, mention that you are going to share this video with your “name of the group” really quick and give a brief bio of the group- what it is and why it’s including an open invitation and Wa-mo- you’re growing.


The benefit of this is that you are coming in hot with all of your personality and value and getting way more eyes on your content.  The live video really stands out when it comes to engagement and allowing viewers to ask questions, interact, and learn all about you.  I would recommend checking the group descriptions and make sure that they allow sharing of the live videos (some do not) and then share away to your favorite places!  Don’t forget to mention your group and drop a group link in the comments!

7 Content Titles That Strike Engagement

7 Content Titles That Strike Engagement

The title of your content is going to be the determining factor of whether your audience digests your content or tosses it in the trash like a rotten tomato.

Where do we use these titles?

Facebook LIVE video headline, email header, blog post, and websites.


Here are my TOP 7 titles for content that strike engagement!


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Are You Writing Your Clients Money Story?

Are You Writing Your Clients Money Story?

“I don’t think I am going to ask her to join my team this week because I know money is tight for her right now.  I’ll follow up with her next month.”

Does this sound like something you’ve said?

Here’s the deal… no one can write anyone’s money story.  At the end of the day, you have NO IDEA what that investment means to them and how absolutely ready they may be for a change.  Who are you to decide whether they are ready to make it happen or not?

It wasn’t until I was down to the LAST $500 (to my name)… with tenacity and a passion in my heart that I was ready to finally take messy AF action in my business.

NO ONE knew what that $500 meant for me and that’s the beauty of it.  Watch my LIVE video below!

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5 Tips To Be Confident AF In Your Spiritual Business

5 Tips To Be Confident AF In Your Spiritual Business

If you don’t believe in what you have to offer the world, how the heck do you expect anyone else to believe in you?  Confidence is key in all areas of life, especially for us spiritual entrepreneurs!


We are faced with enough doubt and suspicion from others just for following our spirit guides, angels, and our own intuition.  Confidence needs to be radiating the f* off of us!  Especially if our spirituality is our business.


Here are my TOP 5 tips to becoming confident AF in your spiritual business!


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