You have a story to tell, clients to attract, and a business to run but you find yourself resistant on sharing your truth because…


You might offend or expose others through sharing your truth…

You fear others may judge you…

You worry that you will annoy your friends and family…

… and the list goes on.


You want to start attracting those soul-aligned clients that everyone is talking and start cultivating a loyal following but you just don’t know how where the disconnect is and you’re tired of sharing half-ass content.

Hi!  I’m Michelle, a spiritual entrepreneur on a mission to encourage women to share their story, passion, and purpose with the world [in the most authentic way, of course!]

You see, when I first jumped into entrepreneurship, my first business was in the health and fitness industry as a health coach.   I was so excited since I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit.  What I didn’t know was that even though I was wildly obsessed with the products and services I was offering… they weren’t for everyone.


I started to feel disconnected from my audience because I just didn’t know what to share any more that would attract people who actually were interested in what I was doing.  I began posting with no intention, replicating what I saw successful people doing, and I was throwing up content just to throw it up and be visible.


I took a step back and just began focusing on myself and my own health and fitness as I believed I was struggling with Adrenal Fatigue.  I started talking to the women I believed I could help through that and shut out the noise of everyone else.  You know… like… a niche or target audience?  The results shifted immediately and I started getting people coming to me who actually wanted to know what I had to offer.  I started getting vulnerable in my groups and newsletters and began building a loyal client base.


It was like a lightbulb went off and I began taking courses. doing a ton of research, and I found myself consuming content daily and teaching my entrepreneur friends everything I was learning and doing.  It no longer felt aimless to me and I was excited to wake up and get to work on my business again… which transitioned to me teaching other entrepreneurs the same strategies that I was learning and so it goes…


Aside from business, I’ve had a love for the metaphysical world and wanted a way that I could incorporate my spiritual side into my business.  It seemed almost effortless to start being myself online, connecting with other spiritual women, taking healing courses, implementing spiritual tools into my business… I’m sure you can see how that’s evolved.

I work with a wide variety of spiritual entrepreneurs and coaches who have many different intuitive offerings, products, and services.


However, all of my clients have one thing in common – they all came to me because they’d realized they were stuck and disconnected, needed clarity, strategy, and direction needed to shed their old paradigm around marketing, and were ready to start receiving in their businesses.

When you work with me:

+ I will be hands-on in your business.  Think of me as your business Bff and strategist.

+ Together we will capture your essence through sharing your story and grow your business with high-vibe, soul-mate clients.

+ You will become a content queen and market yourself in a way that feels easy and effortless.

+ You will always hear the truth from me and we will develop a phenominal partnership.  Your business is my business and I want it to succeed just as much as my own.

Things I can help you accomplish:

+ Content Creation

+ Grow An Engaging Following

+ Create Digital Courses, Products & Programs

+ Website Development

+ All Things “Legit” Business (i.e, legalities, payments, business registration, etc)

+ Hosting Retreats

… and more!