What do I know about changing your old paradigm around marketing and creating content?

Hi!  I’m Michelle!

I’ve had a love for business and networking since I was selling snacks in my childhood side hustle, “The Snack Shack”.  I remember driving home from a road trip to Yellowstone trying to keep occupied.  I spent the entire car ride creating this vision of a little snack shack I wanted to build and run with my neighborhood friend.  I didn’t want the average lemonade stand… I had a bigger vision on the street. Haha

After studying global business abroad in Munich Germany, my wanderlust soul craved a life of freedom and opportunity more than ever.  I had to build my own business that allowed me to travel and create my own opportunities.  I had begun with a health and fitness business but it started to fall out of alignment as I was reconnected with my spiritual side and love for the metaphysical world.  While running that business I struggled trying to stand out in the over saturated industry.  I finally hired my first business mentors, took a ton of courses, did a ton of research, and started implementing new strategies that felt good.  I became my own expert by learning what did and did not work for me.

I work with a wide variety of spiritual entrepreneurs and coaches who have many different intuitive offerings, products, and services. However, all of my clients have one thing in common – they all came to me because they’d realized they were stuck in a creative block, needed clarity and direction, needed to shed their old paradigm around marketing, and were ready to start receiving in their businesses.

Because the best marketing, doesn’t feel like marketing.

You have that spiritual element, that positive energy, that you are able to infuse into your connections with people to the degree that you help them to see their pathways to achieving their goals in business.

Tonye Tariah

Holistic Health Strategist