Are you ready to unleash that story you’ve been waiting to share with the world and start connecting with your loyal following?  Your clients are waiting for your message… your energy… your service.


One of the scariest parts of sharing our story is that we fear a sense of judgment in our truth and sometimes… even a fear of exposing others through sharing.  Sound familiar?  You have a story you want to share but what happens if someone gets’s offended?  There’s an easier, feel-good way to get your message to the masses and grow a business filled with soul-mate clients.

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Coaching with Michelle

 Michelle is your all around business & marketing coach.  She’s one part “woo woo” and the other part strategy.   Together you will share your story with the world and build a business you’re wildly in love with.

Hi!  I’m Michelle, a spiritual entrepreneur on a mission to encourage women to share their story, passion, and purpose with the world [in the most authentic way, of course!]

When I’m not working you can find me at the crystal shop, beach bummin’, planning my next adventure, chasing a dog (or 3), or playing around with photography…